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From Teri L.

5/5 Stars

Sparrow Creek School is the best preschool around. The attention each child receives is unbelievable -- they have a 5 to 1 ratio. Judith and the teachers truly focus on knowing each and every child...knowing their learning abilities, social abilities, personalities. Both of my children (now 1st and 3rd) went to Sparrow Creek and I feel so incredibly blessed that they received such a wonderful foundation for education. (continued on

From Jennifer K.

5/5 Stars

I would highly recommend Sparrow Creek Montessori School for any family with a preschool aged child who would like to give their child a solid foundation in life for academics, social interaction and a sense of community. My daughter is in her third year with the school and we are so pleased with how she has blossomed into such a bright, kind, curious and happy little girl. SCS gives each child the individual attention that they need to succeed while imparting the joy of learning something new. (continued on

From Corina H.

5/5 Stars

Sparrow Creek is an AMAZING school. I currently have three kids attending there now and one that is now in 2nd grade who went there. The Montessori program that Judith has set up is simply incredible. My children were learning how to read as soon as they walked through those doors at 3 years old; and they were taught to love to learn. All four of my children love learning new things. There is a great balance of indoor and outdoor learning, each one of the children get responsibilities (jobs) that they need to do daily. The children learn to love and respect each other. (continued on